Newswire: Disney pushes this reboot craze to the limits, plans new Mary Poppins

There’s been a lot of complaints about Hollywood’s obsession with rebooting, remaking, and revisiting popular films from the past few decades. But while the world has stood by as everything from Terminator to Jurassic Park to Cinderella gets a reboot, it’s possible we’ve finally reached peak reboot: According to Variety, Disney has plans to revitalize Mary Poppins with a brand-new musical movie set 20 years after the original. Because as they say: A spoonful of nostalgia helps the corporate profits go up.

Go-to musical movie director Rob Marshall is set to helm the project, which will be produced by his Into The Woods collaborators John DeLuca and Marc Platt. Fans will likely have a lot of questions about how the trio will revisit a property that has served as such an iconic part of so many childhoods. But given that Disney is currently working on an …

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