Newswire: Disney can imagine $5 billion in Star Wars toy sales, according to analysts

Star Wars is everywhere in 2015, even bullish reports by securities analysts. According to one report, even if it fails Star Wars: Episode VII—The Force Awakens is going to make Disney and everyone involved a shit ton of money—$5 billion, in fact.

In a new report reprinted in The Hollywood Reporter, Macquarie Securities analyst Tim Nollen says that The Force Awakens “could generate $5 billion in consumer merchandise sales in its first year of release, assuming it does better than Cars 2’s $3 billion.” Presumably, Kathleen Kennedy scrunched her brow while reading this, muttering to herself, “Of course it’s going to better than Cars 2.”

September 4th marks “Force Friday,” the worldwide release date for new Star Wars toys and merchandise, and action figures, replica lightsabers, backpacks, and T-shirts will line the aisles of Wal-Mart and Target for at least a year thereafter. According to …

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