Newswire: Disney asks visitors not to wave 3-foot-long metal poles around on the rides

Management at Florida’s Disney World theme park, maintaining a bright, level tone and a chipper, rigid composure, have requested that visitors to the park no longer use selfie sticks while riding on the rides. “The rides move very fast, you see,” the company did not go on to add, a hint of a twitch flickering in the corner of its glimmering eye. “And waving around metal poles with cell phones on the end might be dangerous.” Disney joins music festivals Coachella and Lollapalooza in banning the “narcisisstics,” which allow users additional angles and reach when taking pictures of themselves with their phones. To be fair to the monolithic company, though, it’s relatively unlikely that selfie-stick usage at Coachella would end with a four-year-old getting a concussion because some butterfingered shutterbug accidentally hurled his pricey camera toy with all the rotational force of a ferociously spinning teacup.

Disney did …

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