Newswire: Disney and Vince Gilligan are developing a Jack And The Beanstalk movie

Essentially, Breaking Bad is about a guy who sets off to help his family, but gets distracted and decides to help himself instead. It seems appropriate, then, that Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan is now developing a Jack And The Beanstalk movie for Disney. After all, Jack And The Beanstalk is practically the same story: Guy’s family needs money, guy goes to get money the honest way, guy gets magic beans instead, magic beans cause him to cross paths with an angry giant, fee-fi-fo-fum, and then he builds a machine gun robot.

This comes from Deadline, which reports that Disney has picked up the rights to Beanstalk, a “detailed outline” written by Gilligan. He has reportedly hired Emmy-winning Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul writer Thomas Schnauz to put together the actual script, and Gilligan is considering directing it himself. Deadline doesn’t say what makes this version of …

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