Newswire: Disney and Sphero to satisfy your desperate need to get a BB-8 for Christmas

In the wake of Han and Chewie beckoning fans home, it’s easy to forget the first teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But let’s look back to the halcyon days of last November, where, amid inverted Millennium Falcons, sleek stormtrooper helmets, crossguard lightsabers, and water-skiing X-Wing fighters, there was one moment that stood out above the rest: BB-8, the bouncy, jaunty FIFA-droid that captured the covetous eyes of every seven-year-old in the western world—not only the seven-year-olds we’re raising, but also those that reside inside every one of us. Helpless to deny BB-8, a single question remained: “how will we come to own this!?” And ever since we’ve been shaking ourselves, and those around us, angrily demanding to know the answer.

Well, shake no more: Disney and Sphero—whose technology was already used in a fan prototype—have made it clear that come …

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