Newswire: Disgraced Jeb Bush aide creates app to delete offensive social-media posts

In this modern age of live-tweeting and pinning things and whatnot, we don’t necessarily have the time to consider the intention—or grammar—of the crap we’re sharing, even if it means losing our jobs. So it was inevitable that someone would develop an app that will shoulder some of the burden (of the social contract) for you.

That app is Clear, which scans your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts for the use of questionable keywords, like “gay” or “black” or “Americans,” in your previous posts. Clear tends to err on the side of caution, and will also pull up any seemingly blasphemous or political references to be deleted. However, you can only use Clear to clean up what you’ve already posted—it won’t flag something as you type, meaning you can’t actually thought-police yourself (not yet, anyway). Your online life will also be subjected …

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