Newswire: Discovery Channel is done with mermaids, still into naked people

Last we checked in with the Discovery Channel, it had just acquired a new president who promised that his channel would stop trying to trick children and stoned people into believing in mermaids and crap by airing “documentaries” that presented said crap under the guise of pseudoscientific fact. But TV, like politics, is full of liars with really good hair. That’s why we here at The A.V. Club are proud to present the first—and potentially only—installment in our new Newswire series, FraudSquashers.

Yesterday The Hollywood Reporter shared details on Discovery Channel’s newest slate of programming, developed by newly minted president Jeff Ross and his similarly newly minted deputies, John Goldwyn and John Hoffman. As Ross promised, there’s nary a cryptozoological investigation in sight, although the programming still caters to 13-year-old boys and 13-year-old boys at heart whose interests include cool cars that go fast …

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