Newswire: Discover the First Lantern’s origin in this Green Lanterns #18 exclusive

Green Lanterns is the most improved title of DC’s Rebirth initiative. It began with a lackluster story focused on the Red Lanterns that was dragged down by very inconsistent artwork, but then the series slowed down, delved deeper into the personal lives of main characters Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz, and cleaned up the visuals, resulting in a very quick increase in quality. With the Green Lantern franchise so heavily focused on space opera after Geoff Johns’ nine-year run, writer Sam Humphries is offering a refreshing take on the Green Lantern concept by keeping Simon and Jessica grounded on Earth. Humphries has spent a lot of time exploring the individual fears and anxieties of his main characters, and the most recent storyline, “Darkest Knight,” was the book’s most enjoyable arc yet as the Green Lanterns teamed up with Batman to take out a supercharged Scarecrow in Gotham City …

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