Newswire: Dirty Dancing remake images put Baby in a corner

You’re now just a month away from having the time of your life, with ABC’s Dirty Dancing remake set to air on May 24. Directed by Wayne Blair, the movie stars Scream Queens’ Abigail Breslin and dancer Colt Prattes, who have taken over for Jennifer Grey and the late Patrick Swayze as the cha-cha-ing couple kept apart by class (but, oddly enough, not age). It sounds like the remake will follow the original’s rhythm, with Baby (Breslin) and Johnny (Prattes) falling in love despite her father’s (Bruce Greenwood) disapproval and Vivian Pressman’s (Katey Sagal) meddling. Debra Messing co-stars as Baby’s vivacious mother, with Sarah Hyland playing her once tone-deaf sister. And Billy Dee Williams will ooze charisma from the wings as bandleader Tito.

Entertainment Weekly has just scored a bunch of first-look photos of the production, which feature plenty of era-appropriate dress but break …

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