Newswire: Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller drop out of the Han Solo movie

According to The Hollywood Reporter, directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have dropped out of the Han Solo movie, delivering what seems like it could be a huge blow to the Star Wars spinoff. In a statement, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy referred to Lord and Miller as “talented filmmakers” and noted that they’ve “assembled an impressive cast and crew,” but apparently the two of them and Disney/Lucasfilm had “different creative visions” for the Han Solo movie. Lord and Miller (who previously directed The Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street) also released their own statement, echoing the same basic sentiment as Kennedy’s and also highlighting the “amazing and world-class work” of the cast and crew.

Speaking of the cast and crew, Disney just released a photo of the whole cast—including Alden Ehrenreich as Solo and Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian—back in February, and filming had been …

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