Newswire: Director left the Dark Crystal sequel because “nobody gave a shit about what Jim Henson wanted”

It’s been a few years since rumors of a sequel to the much-beloved puppets-and-nightmares feature The Dark Crystal last bubbled to the surface of the Great Hollywood Remake Swamp. Now, a director once attached to the project has revealed his reasons for walking away, citing the producers’ lack of respect for the ideas of the late Jim Henson.

During a conversation with The Guardian to promote his upcoming sci-fi thriller Infini, director Shane Abbess said that The Dark Crystal 2 (sometimes also known as The Power Of The Dark Crystal) was one of a plethora of projects he was offered after the indie success of his low-budget angel movie Gabriel. But he walked away from the project after executives fought him on following the handwritten notes Henson left behind for the project, because, quote, “Nobody gave a shit about what Jim Henson wanted.”

And while it’s fun to …

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