Newswire: Dion sues the makers of Fallout 4 for using his song in a “repugnant” ad

Dion, the ’60s crooner known for hits like “Runaround Sue,” is suing the makers of Fallout 4 over their use of his song “The Wanderer” in trailers and commercials for the game, according to a report on TheWrap. Dion—who does in fact have a last name, DiMucci—and his legal team allege that while Universal Music Group licensed the song to ZeniMax, Fallout 4‘s publisher, the contract specified that Dion could engage in separate negotiations with the software company and refuse the use of the song unless his terms were met.

According to the suit, no such negotiations ever happened, and now, Dion is seeking general damages “in excess of $1 million” because his song that glorifies the objectification of women is being used in an ad he believes glorifies violence. As reported by TheWrap, the suit reads:

Defendant’s Commercials were objectionable because they featured repeated homicides …

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