Newswire: Dikembe collects “Teeth In The Sink” on its new EP

Although it started as a side project for members of Gainesville, Florida’s Wavelets, Dikembe quickly began taking precedence over its forebear. Having released records on a variety of indie labels, the band is returning to its roots for the release of the Ledge 7-inch, which will be released on June 2. What started as demos for the band’s third album were promoted to proper releases when excitement about its new material prompted Dikembe to get the songs out as soon as possible. The A.V. Club is streaming one of Ledge‘s four songs, “Teeth In The Sink,” below. The song builds on the alt-rock influences that made their presence felt on last year’s Mediumship, but without forgoing the spirited punk backbone that’s been present since the band formed.

Pre-orders for Dikembe’s Ledge 7-inch are available now.

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