Newswire: Dig in to something spooky (or silly) with The A.V. Club’s Halloween streaming guide

With Halloween falling on a Monday this year, only the most hardcore revelers, and those of us with little monsters to take trick-or-treating, will be strapping on yet another costume and heading out into the night on All Hallow’s Eve proper. As for us, we’ll be turning off our porch lights, curling up with that big bowl of candy we bought “for the neighborhood kids,” and trying to frighten our hangovers away with some scary movies. Here are some horror titles recommended by The A.V. Club and recently added to streaming services, if you’d like to join in:

Netflix is currently the most popular of streaming services—it’ll surpass cable in subscription numbers by next year, according to some studies—and it’s also the one making the biggest push in terms of original programming. If for some reason you’ve never heard of this …

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