Newswire: Dick Poop receives first-ever Oscar nomination

The solemnity of this morning’s Oscar nominations—when delegates of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gather in the dawn air to somberly intone the names of the people they like so much, they made them a little gold naked man—was unfortunately broken today, when Academy president Cheryl Boon Isaacs said “Dick Poop.” Well, that’s it. She’s lost them forever.

Isaacs had intended to read the name of Dick Pope, whose cinematography on Mr. Turner has been recognized for its impressive heft, its glorious smears of color, the way it wrapped the screen just so. But she said “Dick Poop,” and suddenly The Lego Movie‘s snub was forgotten because the Internet had a new toy to play with.

Congrats to Oscar nominee Dick Poop?

— Dave Itzkoff (@ditzkoff) January 15, 2015

I am very excited for Dick Poop’s Oscar Nomination! I hope he …

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