Newswire: Despite co-stars’ preference for survival, Daredevil’s Charlie Cox wants Bullseye

A handful of comic book characters are mostly famous for dying, like Uncle Ben, Jason Todd (at least for a while), and Bucky Barnes (again, temporarily). There are a lot of characters like that in the Daredevil canon, thanks to the fact that writers spent decades thinking the most interesting thing about him was that he constantly suffers from abject misery. In fact, two such characters—Karen Page and Elektra—are now on Netflix’s Daredevil show, and even though Elektra already died once (with her eventual resurrection clearly telegraphed), it seems safe to assume that both of them are still living on borrowed time.

The odds of their survival are going to get significantly worse, though, if series star Charlie Cox gets his wish and the show introduces iconic Daredevil villain Bullseye. He’s the guy responsible for killing both Karen Page and Elektra in the comics, so bringing …

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