Newswire: Dermot Mulroney to star in CBS’s pilot about doctors who use computers

According to Deadline, Dermot Mulroney (the guy who is not Dylan McDermott) has been cast as the lead in Bunker Hill, CBS’ medical drama pilot about doctors who use computers. Mulroney’s character is Walter Wallace, a “veteran surgeon with a controversial past” who “might care a little too much about his patients,” and he’s been hired by a “young Silicon Valley tech titan” to help start a high-tech hospital that uses fancy gadgets to help people. Being an old person, Mulroney will probably try to resist this “new school” way of treating patients by grunting and frowning a lot, but people will still like him for some reason and then by the end of each episode he’ll come around and admit that technology is pretty cool. Presumably, this change will be inspired by him seeing a robot manage to surgically replace someone’s brain or a 3D …

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