Newswire: Dermot Mulroney joins Dirty Grandpa

Dermot Mulroney is in talks to join Dirty Grandpa, the upcoming comedy from Borat director Dan Mazer. Mulroney plays the son of Robert De Niro’s “perverted former Army general” and father to walking six pack Zac Efron. (While Mulroney will presumably play Concerned, Nagging Father, it would be kind of awesome if he played Even Dirtier Son.)

As we reported in September, Dirty Grandpa doesn’t approve of his grandson’s fiancee, presumably because she doesn’t meet the stringent character requirements of a filthy old man. Thus, De Niro cajoles his grandson into escorting him to Florida for spring break as a last-ditch ruse to sabotage the wedding, a time-honored grandparenting technique. Old guy partying high jinks will likely ensue, quite possibly accompanied by slow-motion montages of beer funnels, lap dances, and high fives.

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