Newswire: Denver, see the new doc about The Damned tonight and win Riot Fest tickets

Howdy! Senior Writer Jason Heller here. Over the course of my many years at The A.V. Club, I’ve never exactly made it a secret how much I love ’77 punk, or one of the movement’s first, best, and most boundary-pushing bands, The Damned. Not only did The Damned famously release the first single and the first album of the British punk movement, the group went on to release a stunning string of songs that range from goth to pop to psychedelia, all while maintaining The Damned’s gleefully morbid flamboyance—not to mention frontman Dave Vanian’s graveyard croon. So it is with great joy in my rotted little heart that I invite you, fellow Denver residents, to tonight’s screening of The Damned: Don’t You Wish That We Were Dead.

Brought to you by director Wes Orshoski (the man behind the 2010 documentary about Motörhead …

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