Newswire: Denver, see Highlander tonight to help launch our Fantastique film series

Howdy. Senior Writer Jason Heller here. For the past few months, my old pal Frank Romero (co-founder of Denver Comic Con) and I have been curating and hosting Science Friction, our monthly sci-fi film series at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Denver, sponsored by The A.V. Club. Thanks to your support, tonight at 7:30 we’ll be launching Fantastique, our second monthly fantasy film series, also sponsored by The A.V. Club. And we’re kicking it off with a classic that took cinematic fantasy to fresh, majestic, Queen-soundtracked heights: Highlander.

The urban fantasy epic from 1986 stars Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery as ancient, sword-wielding Immortals fighting for survival in modern-day New York, but you already knew that, because fucking HIGHLANDER. The movie also flaunts that soaring soundtrack by Queen, which you also already knew, because HIGHfuckingLANDER.

But did you know we’ll be screening it in …

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