Newswire: Denver, see Hackers tonight (plus interview with director Iain Softley) as part of our Science Friction series

Howdy! Senior Writer Jason Heller here. Just wanted to let you know that Science Friction—The A.V. Club‘s monthly sci-fi film series—continues tonight in Denver at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema with Hackers.

Released in 1995, the Iain Softley-directed film stars the young, fresh-faced couple-to-be of Angelina Jolie and Jonny Lee Miller as teenage hackers who stumble across a diabolical corporate plot—and wind up diving headlong into the weird, futuristic depths of a sinister domain called THE INTERNET. Both prescient and painfully of its time, Hackers has rightfully achieved cult status in the 20 years since its release, thanks in part to stunning design, a cutting-edge soundtrack, a stellar supporting cast that includes everyone from Matthew Lillard to Penn Jillette to Wendell Pierce, and a message and style that’s total ’90s counterculture chic.

Like Fantastique (Science Friction’s sister series at Alamo that focuses on fantasy films …

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