Newswire: Defendant in James Woods Twitter lawsuit uses “Woods is a jerk” defense

We recently reported that James Woods was taking legal action against an internet troll. Specifically, Woods is seeking $10 million in damages over multiple tweets asserting that the Academy Award-nominated actor is addicted to cocaine. Now that the case is moving forward, The Wrap reports that the defendant is requesting that the suit be dismissed, alleging that Woods himself regularly engages in ad hominem attacks on Twitter, making him a hypocrite and a bully.

“Regrettably Mr. Woods’ commitment to the First Amendment stops at his own keyboard,” reads the defendant’s filing. “When [the defendant] responded to one of Mr. Woods’ provocative tweets with an insult, rather than respond with more words Mr. Woods brought this thoroughly frivolous and censorious lawsuit.”

The defense is seeking protection under California’s anti-SLAPP statute, which is intended to guard free speech against lawsuits without merit. The filing claims any assertions about James Woods …

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