Newswire: Decker: Mindwipe sets its sights on a July premiere

America needs a hero more than ever, so while we wait for Burt Macklin to get his act together, you can look forward to a new season of Decker on Adult Swim. Tim Heidecker will reprise his role as Jack Decker, the conservative CIA agent who chop-kick-chops democracy, ostensibly in defense of it. But the bumbling Decker won’tbe quite himself in the newest outing, titled Mindwipe; he’ll have lost all his memories and need lots of reminding from his “closest friends and colleagues,” including master codebreaker Jonathan Kington (Gregg Turkington). Does that mean we’ll get the dread clip show? Probably not, since Heidecker has reliably dreamed up plenty of new scenarios for his human rights-abusing alter ego in previous seasons, including the one that’s currently airing. But we won’t know for certain until Decker: Mindwipe premieres July 16.

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