Newswire: Death Grips releases surprise instrumental album

Even though the “conceptual art exhibition” known as Death Grips broke up last summer, its activities in the afterlife have proven just as mercurial as the stunts it pulled during its existence. The noisy rap group was no stranger to releasing music without warning during its time together, so it’s only slightly surprising that Death Grips would release an instrumental album called Fashion Week as it continues to hype the release of its supposedly final double album The Powers That B. Word of Fashion Week first surfaced a few months ago on Reddit, where the 14 tracks appeared and were quickly dismissed by fans as a hoax. That is, until the band proved the album’s authenticity by posting the album for free download on its website.

The 14 tracks, which spell out “JENNY DEATH WHEN,” serve as another reminder of the band’s uncompromising vision with a bit …

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