Newswire: Deadpool trashed The Green Lantern at Comic-Con

While promoting the new hard-R Deadpool movie at Comic-Con over the weekend, star Ryan Reynolds took some time to bash his last superhero flick, a rather impotent 2011 adaptation of The Green Lantern. While discussing his love for the Deadpool costume, he said, “I’ve only done one proper—sorry, NOT proper—superhero movie, and I didn’t even get a suit then. The suit changes everything on set.”

While attendees probably would have loved for him to continue roasting Green Lantern—“And what was with the bad guy being an avalanche of curdled milk?”—Reynolds moved on to a discussion of Deadpool. He and director Tim Miller discussed how rare it is for a studio to greenlight an R-rated superhero film, but maybe its acceptance at Fox had something to do with their pitch that the movie would be pretty close to Guardians Of The Galaxy in tone, only …

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