Newswire: Deadline is super sorry about that “plague of ethnic actors” story

In the Twitterverse, one man’s raging controversy is another man’s tempest in a tea kettle. But there was a rare near-consensus in the case of Deadline‘s controversial story about purported racial casting trends, written by the Hollywood trade publication’s co-editor-in-chief Nellie Andreeva. Andreeva explored the idea that because of the television industry’s hasty, enthusiastic embrace of actors of color following an uptick in successful shows starring them, networks have shut white actors out of 2015 pilot opportunities.

The response was swift and brutal, with the likes of Shonda Rhimes, Dan Harmon, and Billy Eichner lambasting Andreeva for phrases like “ethnic actors” and “foreigners with that ‘sparkle.’” Oh, also there was the issue of the entire premise of the article, which basically posits that actors such as Wesley Snipes, Anika Noni Rose, and Rockmond Dunbar are being cast in roles they don’t necessarily deserve to …

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