Newswire: DC to launch its own streaming platform with Young Justice and new Titans show

Outside of Gotham and the CW, Warner Bros. has had a difficult time getting DC Comics-based superhero shows off the ground. So, in order to free itself from the shackles of traditional TV. with its overly demanding advertisers and frustratingly fickle viewers, Warner Bros. has decided to cut out the middle man and just make its own streaming service that’s totally dedicated to DC. This comes from Deadline, and though the service doesn’t have a proper name yet, it is coming out of the gate with a couple of big shows: Season three of Young Justice and a live-action Teen Titans drama called Titans.

Young Justice was a Cartoon Network series that had a big cult following due to its mature storytelling and intriguing take on DC’s superhero sidekicks, but the show was canceled back in 2013. In November, Warner Bros. revealed that it was working on …

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