Newswire: DC showed off its first Aquaman footage (and a bunch of new logos) at Comic-Con today

Warner Bros. opened the DC portion of its Comic-Con panel today with a hefty burst of visual information for fans, showing off the logos for what seemed to be every single one of its upcoming comic book adaptations. Some of these were old news—we’ve been fielding reports on, say, Suicide Squad II for a while now—but the studio also snuck in some new (or at least only previous speculated) information into the mix.

For instance, we got confirmation that Green Lantern Corps and Batgirl are still in the works, while the studio also took the less-than-controversial stance of confirming that it’s working on Wonder Woman II. (Still no definitive word on Patty Jenkins returning to the franchise to direct, though.) The most interesting tidbit, though, was related to DC’s plans for the Flash, with the logo revealing that the upcoming film adaptation of Ezra Miller …

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