Newswire: DC Entertainment to finally give credit to influential Batman writer Bill Finger

Batman is a big-time cultural phenomenon, so there’s a good chance that anyone who has encountered anything related to the caped crusader has seen the name Bob Kane. He’s officially credited as the creator of Batman, and his name appears pretty much everywhere that Batman does these days. However, comic book fans probably know that—according to most accounts—Kane wasn’t alone in coming up with (arguably, we guess) the greatest superhero of all time. As the legend goes, Kane decided to make a character called “The Bat-man” who bore little resemblance to the guy we know beyond a similar bat wing-style cape.

Kane then called for the advice of Bill Finger, a ghostwriter who worked under him. Supposedly, Finger suggested replacing the red tights and old-fashioned domino mask that Kane had designed with a darker color scheme and a full cowl—which, of course, went on …

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