Newswire: David Lynch made an O.J. joke in his video greeting to Comic-Con

As promised, Twin Peaks turned Comic-Con’s Hall H into the Black Lodge this afternoon with a panel moderated by The Leftovers‘ Damon Lindelof, who opened by saying, “I owe my entire career to this show.” As described by Deadline, the panel itself was largely the sort of “it’s an honor to work with such fine actors” back-patting you hear at all these sorts of things, albeit with a lot more David Lynch impressions. Naomi Watts may have let slip a minor spoiler by saying, “Whenever David calls, we take the call. Even if he asks you to wear a bunny suit,” and Matthew Lillard called his onscreen breakdown in “The Return: Part 9” “the scariest scariest thing I ever read as an actor.”

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But there was one thing about the panel that was wonderful and strange, and that was a video director David Lynch made in …

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