Newswire: David Letterman calls Trump “damaged,” suggests he needs a psychiatrist

Watching a giggly Jimmy Fallon lob softballs at a smirking Donald Trump on The Tonight Show last month, surely we weren’t the only ones wistfully thinking, “What would David Letterman have done in this situation?” Well, now that question is no longer hypothetical, as Letterman gave an interview to The New York Times that ran this morning detailing his stance on dealing with the Republican presidential candidate that some consider a gift from God and others just a bloviating jagoff. (You can probably guess on which side The A.V. Club falls.)

Letterman, whose Late Show was famous for its equal-opportunity approach to savaging politicians and political candidates, says that when he had Trump on his show, he considered him little more than “the big blowhard billionaire” and “nobody took him seriously.” He adds, “I would make fun of his hair, I would call him a slumlord, I would …

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