Newswire: David Harbour believes that we are “definitely living in the Upside Down”

In the Stranger Things trailer that debuted during the Super Bowl, there’s a shot of the sky over Hawkins, Indiana looking rather apocalyptic. That image is still devoid of context—it may even be a vision—but at last night’s Writers Guild Awards in New York, David Harbour told The A.V. Club a bit about how the series is ramping up the threat for the second season while still keeping the action centered. “I think we are playing with a broader palette, so in that way the stakes are higher,” he said. “But I still do think that we don’t want to create national outbreaks here and we want to contain it in some way. Part of the struggle is to figure out how to contain the situation, but the situation, as you can tell from that trailer, has gotten more intense.”

But these days Stranger …

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