Newswire: David Ayer’s Suicide Squad cast gets together for a yearbook photo

It’s picture day at Belle Reve Penitentiary, and everyone in Task Force X—better known as The Suicide Squad—is looking their best. Deadshot has shined his head, Captain Boomerang has put on his best duct-taped pants, and Harley Quinn has torn her clothes in a way that’s just edgy enough to get attention without being completely naked.

“Squeeze together a little more. Pretend you like each other!” The photographer calls out with a smile.

Harley Quinn laughs and gives her best “look how wacky I am” pose. Killer Croc, unaware of how humans are supposed to act, does the same pose. Enchantress, not wanting to look like “boring one,” also does the same pose. The guy on the end who looks like he’s from The Warriors—and is probably named El Diablo—puffs out his chest and straightens his arms for some reason.

“This will make …

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