Newswire: Dave Grohl lets his doctor front Foo Fighters

Dave Grohl is still recovering from the broken leg he suffered falling off a stage last month. But after a few canceled tour dates, Grohl was cleared to perform again, for which he wanted to thank Lew Schon, the surgeon who allowed him to resume fighting Foo.

So, at Sunday night’s show in Boston, the Foo Fighters brought Schon onstage to front the band for a song. The surgeon-led band covered the White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army”—Schon didn’t know any Foo Fighters songs, apparently—to wild applause. Grohl can be seen rocking out atop his throne, custom made to allow him to perform without re-injuring his leg and saving the indignity of perching “on a stool like Paul Simon.”

The always-upbeat Grohl pointed to the silver lining in his injury, claiming, “this throne and these crutches and these audiences make us play longer and harder than we …

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