Newswire: Dave Chappelle’s karaoke jam is “Creep,” apparently

Sure, there are probably more meaningful metrics of character, but a person’s go-to song when the liquor is flowing and the karaoke machine is hauled out can say a lot about them. Their taste in music, to give an obvious example, or their age, or even their political views. You can even get a feel for how confident they are—and whether that confidence might be just a tad misplaced—by how difficult of a song they choose to sing. And if they won’t do karaoke at all, not even drunk and/or in a private room, well, they’re either very shy or no fun.

Now let’s apply this metric to Dave Chappelle, who regaled a room of partygoers with his rendition of Radiohead’s “Creep” at a Saturday Night Live afterparty last weekend. “Creep” is a savvy choice, because it has some showy sustained notes …

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