Newswire: Dave Chappelle is very serious about no cell phones at his shows

Even after they became movie stars, the Marx Brothers would tour the vaudeville circuit, testing out new material and refining it before a live audience before immortalizing it on film. Of course, that could never happen today, because on the first stop of the tour some jerk with a smartphone would film the part of the act that didn’t work and post it on YouTube with a sensationalist title like “GROUCHO GOES NUTSO IN TOLEDO” or something.

Dave Chappelle knows this all too well, after footage of him talking trash to some idiots in the audience who thought it was hilarious to yell “I’m Rick James, bitch!” like he had never heard that before in 2013 went viral, sparking think pieces first about how Chappelle had an onstage “meltdown,” and second about how Chappelle’s “meltdown” wasn’t a “meltdown” after all. Anyway, that wasn’t the first …

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