Newswire: Dave Chappelle addressed his local town council to talk about police brutality

Dave Chappelle has reestablished himself as a vocal political performer in the last few months, most notably during a powerful and hilarious episode of Saturday Night Live. But Chappelle isn’t only using his gift for public speech on the national scale; he’s also using it to address things in his own hometown. Rolling Stone reports that Chappelle recently attended a town council meeting in Yellow Springs, the Ohio town where he lives, in order to address an incident in which two African-Americans were tased by the police on New Year’s Eve.

Chappelle only spoke for a few minutes (viewable above) but he hit on a number of points, including the need for more community-based policing. (While also noting the multiple times local police officers have personally protected him and his family.) “We are being policed by what feels like an alien force,” he said of the current …

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