Newswire: Dateline zings 20/20 for 16-year-old O.J. Simpson “exclusive”

Lest anyone accuse the staffs of network news magazines of being humorless old duffs, Dateline has issued a hearty, avuncular Twitter slam to its ABC counterpart 20/20 for billing a 16-year-old video as an “exclusive.” The footage in question—depositions of O.J. Simpson during the investigation of the deaths of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson—was being touted by ABC as “never before seen” footage, a nice hook that was only slightly deflated by the fact that it had, in fact been seen, three times, over on NBC.

Oh, hey @abc2020 @GMA partying like it’s 1999! Check out #Dateline logo from first time we aired the tapes! #retro

— Dateline NBC (@DatelineNBC) September 25, 2015

Rather than immediately rushing themselves to the burn ward for treatment, ABC instead issued a sheepish apology, before insisting that their program was still as good and timely …

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