Newswire: Das Boot is getting a sequel in the form of a TV miniseries

According to Variety, Wolfgang Petersen’s classic German U-boat drama Das Boot is getting a sequel in the form of an eight-hour television miniseries. Produced by Bavaria Films—which teamed up with Rupert Murdoch’s German pay-TV platform Sky Deutschland to release the miniseries—the story will continue where Das Boot left off, maybe even on that same downbeat Christmas Eve when everyone is either dead or very, very sad. The series was written by Tony Saint and Johannes W. Betz, who worked from Lothar-Günther Buchheim’s best-selling novels Das Boot and Die Festung (The Fortress).

Once again, the drama will take place primarily from the perspective of German forces in World War II, though it will occasionally show the experiences of the French Resistance and the Allied forces. According to the producers, Buchheim’s original work was about young men being driven into a senseless war, and this new …

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