Newswire: Darth Vader is going to be in Star Wars: Rogue One

A lot of the advanced buzz around Star Wars: Rogue One has been about how “gritty” and “dark” Gareth Edwards’ spin-off is going to be. This new, grimmer tone has raised the hackles of studio executives, who are reportedly trying to get more involved in the creative process, which we all know will only make the movie better, or at least wetter. But Edwards’ dark new direction probably makes more sense to them now that it looks like Darth Vader is going to make an appearance in his film.

Entertainment Weekly got an exclusive first look at Rogue One, and is dishing out the details, including the news that Darth Vader won’t just have a mental chokehold on the troops of the Empire. The publication confirms that Vader is back, trumpeting the statement on the latest cover. From what EW tells Good Morning America, it sounds like Director Krennic …

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