Newswire: Danny Trejo bought the donut shop from Tangerine

To everything there is a season, and to the donut shop that serves as the location for some key scenes in the 2015 indie hit Tangerine (a.k.a. “The iPhone movie”), the season has turned to being bought by actor Danny Trejo and getting a new, bright pink paint job. In its previous incarnation as Donut Time, the shop—located at the northeast corner of Santa Monica and Highland in Hollywood—was a hub for transgender sex workers based in the area. As Tangerine director Sean Baker explains it in his commentary for the film:

But it closed in June 2016, a mere six months after Tangerine was released in theaters, and is now re-opening as Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts. The shop is set to open sometime next year, but in the meantime Angelinos can go eat at his taco joint Trejo’s Tacos, which apparently has a …

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