Newswire: Danish charity invites players to buy Bloodborne with actual blood

The highly anticipated video game Bloodborne, from the makers of Dark Souls, is set to release worldwide next week. And while most players will purchase Bloodborne the usual way—by writing “FuncoLand” on the payee line of a traveler’s check—a Danish non-profit organization is offering citizens the chance to buy the game with precious bodily fluid. The charity, GivBlod, is holding an event on Monday at which blood donors will be offered a copy of Bloodborne (or a different PlayStation game) in exchange for their plasma.

Organized in conjunction with the regional PlayStation headquarters, the event is an effort to recruit male blood donors, who are apparently underrepresented in Danish blood banks. (You don’t have to be a man to participate in the promotion, though—nor do you have to be a man to play Bloodborne, but apparently GivBlod believes the game’s fan base is dude-heavy …

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