Newswire: Daniel Craig, Halle Berry to star in a movie that has nothing to do with James Bond

The amount of fucks that Daniel Craig gives (none) has been well documented over the past couple years. After Spectre, he said he’d rather slash his wrists with glass than make another James Bond movie, and he certainly had zero fucks to give about who might play Bond after him. His fucks cannot be bought either. It’s safe to bet Craig doesn’t give a fuck about Tom Hiddleston or even Hiddleswift (which would make a very good name for a future Bond villain—not that Craig would give a fuck about that). All Craig wants to do is non-Bond movies, and according to Deadline, he has taken on another role that doesn’t involve black turtlenecks or martinis, joining Halle Berry—who is also out of the Bond game—in Deniz Gamze Ergüven’s upcoming L.A. riots drama Kings.

The project marks Ergüven’s English-language debut …

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