Newswire: Dan Harmon reveals why Rick And Morty season 3 is taking so long

Rick And Morty fans have been waiting semi-patiently for the show’s third season for a while now. (Not counting the April Fool’s Day surprise preview of the season 3 premiere, it’s been more than a year and a half since the Adult Swim series released new episodes.) In the absence of definitive information from the network—which has yet to set a release date firmer than “Summer 2017, probably”—fans have started to get a little squirrely about the series’ delay, as fans are wont to do, speculating that there’s some big problem holding up production.

Co-creator Dan Harmon hopped online this morning to address and hopefully resolve those concerns, especially worries that there’s some sort of conflict going on between him and co-creator/star Justin Roiland. The reasons for the delay, Harmon said, were much more prosaic and dull than a big, flashy fight …

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