Newswire: Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland are both writing for the new MST3K

As the clock ticks down on the Bring Back Mystery Science Theater 3000 Kickstarter—still more than a million dollars short of its ultimate, $5.5 million goal, which would bump the revived series from the current order of nine shows up to a full, 12-episode season—creator and attempted TV resurrectionist Joel Hodgson is pulling out all the stops to push his baby over the finish line. Having already announced a nerd-star-studded telethon to close out the campaign, Hodgson has now revealed a host of guest writers—including Communitys Dan Harmon and his Rick And Morty co-creator, Justin Roiland—who’ll be contributing their snarky acumen to the captives of the Satellite Of Love.

Besides Roiland and Harmon, who are no strangers to pop-culture-laden sci-fi nonsense, Hodgson has revealed that comedy writer and future Lego Movie director Rob Schrab, as well as Planet Of The Apes fanatic and …

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