Newswire: Dan Aykroyd tweets his involvement in the new Ghostbusters

Apparently the one person who really, really wanted to make Ghostbusters 3 happen is going to cameo in the new Ghostbusters movie. Dan Aykroyd, the heart of the Ghostbusters, announced on Twitter yesterday that he was on the set of Paul Feig’s comedy shooting a scene with Kristen Wiig:

The tweet was quickly removed by the studio, either because his Aykroyd’s cameo was supposed to be a secret or because of his use of the term “adorable” to describe four grown women.

The rumors around the set are that Aykroyd will be playing a cab driver in the new film. Unfortunately, the third entry in the Ghostbusters franchise is not connected to the original films or Saturday morning cartoon series (Is there a Ghostbusters canon? An extended universe?) so he will not be playing a retired Ray Stantz, a meta Dan Aykroyd, or even this guy:

Aykroyd is …

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