Newswire: Damn it, Scaramucci, don’t make us think about Steve Bannon sucking his own dick

Earlier today, we reported that newly appointed White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci appeared to be on the warpath, threatening various West Wing staffers—and specifically his rival, chief of staff Reince Priebus—with firings or resignations over perceived White House leaks. What we didn’t realize at the time, though, was that this was the calm version of the Mooch. Now, a new piece from New Yorker reporter Ryan Lizza reveals Scaramucci in all his third-person talking, Steve Bannon’s dick-referencing glory.

Scaramucci apparently called Lizza last night, attempting to get him to reveal the source of a story about him getting dinner with the president, the first lady, Sean Hannity, and former Fox News exec Bill Shine. In between threatening to fire his entire department in a weird bid to get Lizza to talk (“Is it an assistant to the President? O.K., I’m going to fire …

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