Newswire: D.C. bar owners sue Trump for unfair competition

Owning a restaurant is a daunting task: sixty percent of eateries fail in their first year, and there’s always some new trend that threatens to steal away business. But for Cork Wine Bar owners Khalid Pitts and Diane Gross, that flash in the pan is the president of the United States, which kicks the difficulty level up a notch. Pitts and Gross are experienced restaurateurs; they’ve successfully run two locations in Washington D.C., including Cork Wine Bar, for the last several years. But they’re facing tougher competition than ever before thanks to Trump International Hotel, which houses the BLT Prime Restaurant.

Pitts and Gross tell The Washington Post that while Trump may have handed over control of his operations to his children, he’s still exerting undue influence. So they’re asking a Washington D.C. court to order Trump’s D.C. hotel business to …

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