Newswire: D.C. and Maryland call Trump’s bluff, file lawsuit to release his finances

Donald Trump’s enterprises made up part of his 2016 presidential campaign, as the braggadocious billionaire blathered to anyone who would listen about how his business acumen would help him run a democracy. Well, he didn’t really go into specifics beyond waxing on about how really, really good he is at the business things, but that was the conclusion to be drawn as to how he’d make America not-so-ungreat again. And if that failed, he could always neg foreign lenders.

But when he became president, there were concerns that Trump might wield his considerable influence in favor of his organization. There’s no law prohibiting him from having business holdings, but Trump is beholden to the federal laws that require him to report his assets and business activities over the past year, as well as those that prevent any government official from using their office or resources for …

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