Newswire: D.B. Woodside and Rachael Harris succumb to the temptations of Fox’s Lucifer

Fox’s adaptation of DC Comics’ Lucifer has already found its devilish protagonist, but Satan is worthless if he’s not surrounded by people he can whisper evil things to, so the network has started filling in some of the show’s supporting cast. According to Deadline, 24 and Single Ladies‘ D.B. Woodside and The Hangover and New Girl‘s Rachael Harris have also joined Lucifer. Woodside will be playing Amenadiel, an angel tasked with convincing Lucifer that he should be ruling Hell instead of wasting his time on a police procedural—which is what Lucifer is going to be, for some reason. Harris will be playing Morpheus, the master of all dreams. Wait, no…she’ll be playing Lucifer’s therapist, a role so bizarre that it could only exist on a TV show about the devil working with the LAPD “to punish criminals.”

It’s worth noting …

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